New Beginning

Here it is-- a new beginning. Why am I starting all over again? Well, I've used Blogger for a bajillion years. Seriously. When I first began blogging as a 14 year old, I turned to Blogger because it's what everyone was using. When I started a blog again in 2010, I went back to what was familiar. I did attempt Wordpress, but I could not hit a groove. I'm glad that I'm choosing a different platform other than Wordpress or Blogger as well. I feel as though for the longest time, those were your  options outside of self-hosting. 


What brings me here today? Well, Light Read was initially the name of my second blog, but I felt I had outgrown that as photography was no longer going to be my main focus. I have always loved to write to express myself. And so the name changed, but the writing never happened. After exploring movement/flow arts, I quickly learned that practice makes progress. I can't expect to magically be a great writer. I have to do something, practice in order to become better. So, here I am and here we are. I turn 30 next month, I have been hooping for 3 years on the 21st. I started classes once more. Change is in the air. I can feel it. I hope you'll bookmark this page and return to it.