October, I Hardly Knew Thee

October is my favorite month out of the whole year, but I am having a hard time enjoying it this month. At the end of September, I was in a car accident. I’m okay; I’m just recovering from soreness, bruises, and the trauma of the impact. My car is totaled. I’m really sad about her being gone, though. She had a personality. Her name was Tina Belcher (yeah, that Tina Belcher). I drove her all the time and made the ehhhhh noise. She embodied Tina. She survived my first drive down to Chicago (terrifying, but I did it!). She survived the drive to and from Tennessee. She was a tough bitch, just like me, and I’m so sad she’s gone. I will have to wait to get another car before I can decide their name. Perhaps it will be a Gene or Louise. Hell, it doesn’t even need to be a Belcher kid. It could be Peggy Olson of Mad Men or Summer Roberts of The OC. Whatever this next car is, it’ll be something else.

I’m grateful for my health and to not have been further injured. Things could have been a lot worse than just banged up and freaked out. I just wish people didn’t drive with such disregard for other drivers on the road, y’know? In the past week since the accident, I’ve had close calls with other idiots on the road. I want to rage on them, tell them to pay attention, and stop driving so crazy. But I know it won’t change anything. I’ll just be over here sulking.

New Beginning

Here it is-- a new beginning. Why am I starting all over again? Well, I've used Blogger for a bajillion years. Seriously. When I first began blogging as a 14 year old, I turned to Blogger because it's what everyone was using. When I started a blog again in 2010, I went back to what was familiar. I did attempt Wordpress, but I could not hit a groove. I'm glad that I'm choosing a different platform other than Wordpress or Blogger as well. I feel as though for the longest time, those were your  options outside of self-hosting. 


What brings me here today? Well, Light Read was initially the name of my second blog, but I felt I had outgrown that as photography was no longer going to be my main focus. I have always loved to write to express myself. And so the name changed, but the writing never happened. After exploring movement/flow arts, I quickly learned that practice makes progress. I can't expect to magically be a great writer. I have to do something, practice in order to become better. So, here I am and here we are. I turn 30 next month, I have been hooping for 3 years on the 21st. I started classes once more. Change is in the air. I can feel it. I hope you'll bookmark this page and return to it.