The blathering broad

a look at the broad behind the blog


Writing About Me sections are daunting as hell. What information do you include? What is sharing too much? What do you keep for your blog and not the about me?! Hello, I am Elis. I have finally hit the dirty 30! Woot woot! I have a husband named Matt. He's that handsome fellow in the photograph with me up above there. We have a tuxedo cat baby, Batman. She's a lady and I don't really care about Batgirl vs Batman because she's a cat and gender is a stupid human social construct. 

I wanted to restart my blog because I never felt that I got The Blathering Broad aspect of it up and running. For years, my blog was named Light Read. It was about my life, but also my photography. Photography isn't as big a role in my life as it once was so I changed the name. Here I am, a few years later, and I have yet to really earn the blathering aspect. What I hope to accomplish with this blog is a practice in writing more, as well as a document and reflection of who I am at this point in my life. Light Read was my 20s. The Blathering Broad is my 30s and dammit, I'm gonna crush the hell out of it.