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Hello, stranger who has come this far. Welcome to my brain space! My name is Elis (el-ees). I'm a photographer, bibliophile, knitter, barista, klutz, and writer. Currently, I am twenty-five years old. I live at home in Wisconsin and long for a cat friend, but my current living situation prohibits felines. I long for a place to call my own where I hope to have a studio/library and I can decorate to my heart's content. I buy way too many books, journals, and candles, but we've all got our vices ;)


Blogging was a way for me to constantly shoot new content. I had gone months, not carrying my camera in my bag as I had throughout high school.That depressed me, especially since I'd dropped out of a photography program at my local university. I've learned a lot despite not attending class for years. I'd sit at home and edit the same old photos until they were just a mess of over saturated, high contrasted bullshit that I could show no one. My blog became a way for me to reconnect with my camera and for the love that I have of taking photographs of e v e r y t h i n g. I'm lucky that everyone around me puts up with having a camera shoved in their face on occasion. This is a document of those times with little vignettes about my life sprinkled in. You've entered a strange strange world.



I mostly use my Nikon D3100 with an AF-S DX NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8G. I love having a fixed focal length, much like the 35mm on my Pentax K1000. I recently began shooting with a standard point and shoot most parents clung to until the mid-2000s. Fujifilm Discovery 312 ZOOM. It's a delight and I love experimenting with expired films. The project related to my use of film cameras is called Film Diary.

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