About The Book Broads

Hello! I am Elis, the creator of this blog. The blathering broad. While my reading has fallen by the wayside, I enlisted the help of my friends. I am constantly working, hula hooping, and even dabbling into some writing. When I do get the chance to read, I like psychology books, not necessarily textbooks, but stories that discuss psychology. I like fiction, poetry, essays, and memoirs. I enjoy losing myself in fictional realms, as well as dabbling into the lives of real people.

As well as being an avid reader, I’m also a writer and comedian as well as self-diagnosed Netflix addict. I work in a small indie bookstore in Chicago and love being constantly surrounded by books. I’m a huge fan of literary fiction as well as narrative non-fiction and memoirs. Recently, though, I have started to develop a love for middle grade fiction. Kids books are just so much fun! I read because I have an obsession with stories. I need to know all of them. I hope to one day add my own stories into the book world.

Ten years ago I had a seasonal job that I loved and was looking for a part-time job to help pay the rent until the new season kicked in, so I thought I'd try to work at a bookstore. I love reading, I love books, I love everything about that life, and I happened to know a few people who worked at my local Barnes & Noble.

The first eight years were pretty much a dream. The interview was 85% just talking about books, I could justify my hoarding "collecting" with my employee discount, I made some wonderful friends, and I got to be around books all the time. The last two years devolved into the kind of corporate retail nightmare that no one actively won't believe when you tell it, but they also don't want to hear about it ad nauseum despite how cathartic it can be to just rant about it over fried cheese and old fashioneds with people from those trenches.

See, it just takes over. So anyway I met Elis and Erika and Portia and Stroganoff and we are all the same in the best ways and different in the interesting ways and without seeing each other at work anymore we decided to come together on the internet "like the kids do," I believe is what old people say.

I am an artist who loves science and most of the other subjects which is why after my bachelor's I said "bring it, Sallie Mae" and went to art school. Despite the crippling financial future I laid out for myself, I realized that the further I got with my Biology studies, the more focused my research had to become. The more I indulged my interests in that and everything else, the more meaningful my art became.

I also play volleyball more often than my skill level would lead you to believe, still have that seasonal job, am starting to play classical piano again after several years off, and love video games that are cute and/or have puzzles (lookin' at you, Nintendo).

So here I am. Besides those VERY expensive art projects, the thing that incorporates all of these interests is books. It wasn't until college that I started "collecting" (if I say it enough it's not a problem, right?), but I have always been a reader first and foremost. With the exception of bar league volleyball, everything I do I do better because I am a reader.

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