Confusion-- Merriam Webster defines it as "a situation in which people are uncertain about what to do or are unable to understand something clearly." Here's what I'm confused about-- what to use this space for anymore. I hardly read blogs anymore. The only reason I'm reaching out here is because I don't know what to do with this space. I'm confused as to its purpose anymore. I'm confused by the state of the world. I'm tempted to utilize this space to explore that confusion. What does anyone else care? I don't even know if anyone reads this or checks up on here. I haven't updated in two months and in the time before that, it was a while. I don't really know why I keep this around. Should I let it go?

I suppose my issue is with letting it go, but I could archive anything here, I suppose. Disappear from the "blogosphere." I'm kind of disturbed the word blogosphere is a word at all that my computer recognizes. I'm mostly thinking out loud, but if anyone is actually reading- what should I do? I suppose I won't waste time/space here contemplating things, but I guess I can think about why I began blogging. Do I want to continue blogging? Who will actually read my words? Hence, confusion.

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