peeking from behind the curtain


Damn. When did it become 2017? I suppose this is as good a time as any to resurrect this space. Some changes will be in order, I think. It'll be a mess, but what else is new? I get married this year. October 21st, to be exact. It's a little bit more real now that we're in the same year it'll be happening. I kind of stopped taking photographs outside of an official capacity. No personal projects going or in the works. I haven't really been immersed in the world of images and that's weird because for the last fifteen or so years of my life, I have been deeply immersed in photography constantly. Always framing, always planning. I'm putting a lot of energy towards another hobby, which is fine, but I think the head space that normally was dedicated to photography and image making is being dedicated to this new endeavor. I'm seeking balance this year.

I want to work on personal projects again. I want to work with film and play with light, colors, shadows. It felt good to feel myself begin to frame things again, but now I just need to execute and not think, just do. New years bring about resolutions that tend to fall by the wayside. By the end of one year, especially last year, we're exhausted and ready to move on to something better. There's this hope with every new year that some people scoff at or look down upon cynically. That's fine and their prerogative, but hope is a beautiful thing. I'm gonna bask in that beauty.

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