inspiration: here and there

It has been over a year and a half since I last did a post touching upon what inspires me. I usually focus on a particular photographer, website, or service that inspires me as a photographer to try new things. the lack of posting has nothing to do with a lack of inspiration. actually, i maintain an entirely separate tumblr that stores what i like as i come across it.

Patrick Joust

Andrew Valko

Todd Hido

These are just an example of what I have been drawn to most lately. Nightscapes, photo realism, and whimsical illustrations with a hint of darkness. I have to be honest that I started this post Friday night because Lauren and I have been talking blogs a lot. I've been helping her with all the resources I have for blogging. I'm more of a "blog when I feel like it," but Lauren would like to blog once a week, at least. Her subject matter (helpful camping tips!) requires a lot more research than my rambling and recording of everything going on around me. However, once I caught a glimpse of what was occurring in Paris, I couldn't finish. I felt numb. I don't think I had a panic attack, but it felt as though I was on the brink (my lips became numb, my scalp tingly). The world is a terrifying place and with every fucked up thing that happens, I can't help but think of Smashing Pumpkin's "Bullet With Butterfly Wings;" the world is a vampire set to drain/secret destroyers hold you up to the flame. So I held off on this post until today (Monday) to allow some time to pass, a little distance from certain tragedy, but lately, it always feels more is just around the corner. and that is frightening.

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