stay awhile

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A funny thing has been happening lately. I run into people I haven't seen for a while. We catch up on all the normal things, but for some reason, my blog has come up more than once. That's not to say I don't enjoy that people like my blog. I think,  for me at least, I'm surprised people read it and are interested in what I am saying. It's as though I've become suddenly aware that everything that I have been doing for myself is being observed, and enjoyed, by others. That makes me incredibly happy to hear! Apparently, I am relatable! 

That's not to say that I was unaware that I had readers. I obviously do, but many actually know me and enjoy the photos and my ramblings! That's how things should work out, though. Do work that makes you happy, others wjll notice, and let you know or just continue reading. It's just funny how I have a hard time accepting compliments and became immediately embarrassed that I was being noticed, but then I quickly got over that. I like the sporadic nature of my blog and I try to write how I talk so that it's not terribly dry. It just makes me happy that other people like this little space I have created for myself. Feel free to browse around. Kick off your shoes, stay a while.  

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