unexpected hiatus


I didn't expect to go away for a bit. I'll explain about that in a minute, but first, I want to congratulate my friend on her Senior Photo Exhibition. Theseus was the name, but there was some amazing work to be seen, not only the AMAZING ERIN <3, but other artists as well. I got to see her older sister, who I worked with at Barnes ages ago. We caught up to the point that I felt like I was monopolizing all of her time. Talk to me! It was inspiring. It was also super sweet because Erin thought that I would really love this artist who uses self-portraiture in mixed media. And I absolutely did. She said the kindest things about my self-portraits, and that she wouldn't be brave enough to do that. I didn't think what I was doing was brave. It's a way for me to express myself when I'm feeling low, but I'm glad someone likes it, especially someone who's photographic eye I trust.


fifty-eight through sixty-five

The reason for this unexpected hiatus was I felt super uninspired.I felt like there was something wrong with my photographic eye. I'd see things and want to take a photo, but it felt forced or stale. I'm trying hard to experiment with different styles to shooting lately so these are just snapshots from my phone that were never planned, just shot it from where I stood. I'm sure people are like,"Well, duh, you'd snap it where you stood." But normally, I would try to get the right angle, compose things just right, fit everything I want into the frame. I'm "shooting from the hip". The article I linked explains it best, but it's basically just shooting differently. For me, it also means quickly, getting the composition and colors I want in a split second. No redos. It's helping me to see things more clearly. I'm getting back into my thang and I'm excited to share whatever new things come from me.ALSO, I started my Facebook Page again: Elis Ramos-Garcia photography. I am adding things as I go through my hard drives.


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