relaxing days


Today was my very first day off. I did normal day off things- oil change, laundry, caught up on DVR'd shows. I have a four day weekend that I hope I haven't spread myself too thin. I want to visit Mary and the bebes, hang out with some other friends, maybe go out to brunch with my mom. I don't know. Today, things looked like the above photo. Batman slept while I caught up on Forensic Files and read a little bit.
You may have noticed, but things have changed around here. I already had combined the two blogs, and I finally came up with the name Blathering Broad. Why? Well, I tend to blather on about my life in these text posts and I'm fond of the term broad since it's old timey. I like referring to people as classy broads. Oh the things you learn about me here. I think I have finally changed all of my links so that blogger doesn't claim that you're being redirected to an unverified website. Oh, blurgh. That was an annoying first two days of checking and changing links, but hooray. New beginnings all around.

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