last day


As I left for the last time with the rest of my stuff (plus some extra things from some very kind folks), it felt kind of surreal to walk to my car after a shift there for the last time. I cried, naturally. When Erika came in, I couldn't even look at her because I would've started sobbing. While there were tears, I'm absolutely happy. And it's not as though I'm not going to see my coworkers ever again. It'll just be less frequent, which is a major bummer. For the last eight years, they have been my family. We've shared a lot of laughs and stress together, but now the band is breaking up. We're all moving onto different things, and that's normal. It's life. It is not the end of the world. I look forward to a new job, a new start, and a new outlook on life :) I also look forward to the celebration Sunday.

I think the things that made me cry the most were things that people said to me as we said goodbye. They'd miss my jokes, my laugh, I had a vibe I brought to the store, etc etc. It's crazy because I didn't think little ol' me had that much of an impact. It was delightful to hear some of those things. It made me feel good. It set me up for my next adventure because I know I will be fine.

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