surround yourself with the best people


This last week has been...well, shitty. There, I said it. I am trying so hard to stay positive. What helps me the most is that I'm surrounded by an amazing group of supportive people. They're not just my colleagues-they're some of my best friends. I had some really enlightening and encouraging conversations today with these wonderful people. I don't think they know how much their love for me means to me. Their encouragement that I can do anything helps to me think,"Hey, maybe I can do anything." Catey called me amazing & talented. Erika said,"we love YOU, ma'am." Jason's got my back, even if he's no longer there. Brian told me a Camus joke that was absurd, haha, but made me laugh nonetheless. Steph hugged me whenever she saw me, and Matt just wants me to be happy. I'm trying. One day at a time, I am trying my hardest to be happy and positive. Some days are harder than others.
The point of this, aside from advising any readers to stay positive in spite of terrible situations, is that my blogging will be even more sporadic. I'm going to try to turn this thing around. Given my current mental state and other personal things going on, I can't have this stress of oh my god i need to post content to my blog with its tiny readership. Yeah, I get in my head too much. But I'm hoping that with this small break (ugh, not break, just not so frequent with posting), I'll be able to build content that I'm proud of and show off constantly. The way I currently go about this thing doesn't appeal to me so it'll be a way to re-evaluate why I'm blogging and how to make it more about my photography and an exercise in writing better. Betcha didn't know that I love to write. Essays, short stories, poems. I've got notebooks filled with them, even from when I was an angsty teenager. Blech.

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