phhhoto app

No, this is not a sponsored post. I just like to share fun things I discover in regards to photo apps on my iPhone. I already shared my love for ABM's Party Party App, but lately, I've been playing with something that has its own add/follow/like/comment feed, similar to Instagram, as opposed to Party Party, which is just for editing to use on other social media outlets. Nothing wrong with that, but I also like the idea of having a place to follow what others are doing, as well as having the option to share on other social media outlets. PHHHOTO is that app. It's super fun, and shoots it all with one tap of a button. I like the simplicity of the filters: color (DAZE) or black & white (SOLO). It allows you to stretch you imagination, or just create goofy little snaps that automatically turn into gifs. I like motion, as you can tell from my love of these two apps, but I'm just not very good at turning my photographs into gifs or stop-motion. It's great that they've created apps for those like me who'd like to experiment and have fun with motion, but are not very good with the technology.

If you decide join PHHHOTO, add me: @lightread.

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