website launching and ready for take-off

website announcement

I'd been postponing this for a while. I actually was having panic attacks at the end of June, which was when I initially wanted to announce this. I didn't feel like I was ready. I postponed it more until I edited down some photos, added better ones. I feel like I have stopped having a freakout about this. I have even handed out the URL/switched things over on my social media profiles. Without further ado I present my OFFICIAL website. I'm proud of what I have put together. I'd say I've been working on this since March or April. It was very stress inducing, and I am glad that I have a final product that I'm proud to show off. A portfolio website such as mine should always be updated with new and exciting work to keep the audience interested, or so I have learned in my months of researching, plus this handy Will Bryant portfolio guide so it helped me to stress less.

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