life lately: vacation edition


Why I added "edition" to the title, I don't know. I rarely do these my-week-on-instagram posts, but since I have a few "serious" drafts in the queue, I thought I'd liven things up with what I did during my stay-cation since folks kept asking,"where'd you go?" and I'd snort,"nowhere." It was just a nice, relaxing week off in which I spent time with family, friends, and of course, Matthew, as it was his birthday.

+I went hiking with my pal, Mary, and enjoyed something I'd never thought to do before. She only had raspberry ice cubes, which once melted, gave the water a delicious and light raspberry flavor.
+For Matt's birthday, we picked up some coffee at our favorite spot, as well as got his free birthday coffee. Those kinds of perks are always fun. I also made him paninis after we picked up some books at the book store.
+There are some random snaps from our days off together, such as the lonely tricycle and my tasty vodka lemonade that we enjoyed while I baked OREO-stuffed brownies.
+And finally, on my last day off (Saturday), Laura and I checked out a biergarten. It was my first time and it was amazing.

I am definitely more active in the summer. My blog is impacted in that I don't really feel it's interesting to share I'm just working and watching Netflix. I'm trying to change that in coming up with hikes and areas to explore, even when the weather gets colder. We have jackets and scarves for a reason, no? Hopefully, I can also take more trips to Chicago. Speaking of which, I'm going to be going back and forth there this next month. It's going to be insane. So in case you find I'm missing, or that there are more posts like these, you have been warned.

ONE MORE THING BEFORE I GO: I'm considering creating and selling a limited amount of zines with selections from my FILM DIARY. I'm researching printing prices and quality and whatnot. I'd like to keep things in the $5-$10 range. Let me know if there'd be any interest or if it'd be like,"boo, stupid. I give zero fvcks." :)

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