unfiltered on filters


First, I'd just like to point out if you type the word "filter" more than once, it starts to look wrong. Then you begin to question your spelling abilities, where did the word filter come from, filter is actually a weird word, etc, etc. This is seriously how my mind works so I'm sorry that I felt the need to share that. Now, onto my actual post:
This morning, I saw a tweet from a photographer whose work I admire greatly. He said You add filters to your photos to make them "better." You also make them less Yours. I've gotta say that I really disagree with that statement. Sure, there are those that just slap a filter on just because it looks cool, bro! But how does adding a filter, adjusting the exposure, brightness/contrast, and colors in a shot on a phone differ from post-production editing when you use your DSLR? Sure, there are those out there that can and do shoot straight out of the camera, but I feel as though those who utilize these features with their phones are looked down upon. Perhaps by slapping a filter on it and tweaking settings makes the photos more yours.

I don't think it's fair to basically say that creating and editing your images on your phone is less valid than shooting with a DSLR and editing in fancy Photoshop or Lightroom. Look at Kevin Russ or check out VSCO GRID for amazing photography created with the cameras we carry everyday - our phones. New ways to express ourselves always stir up a little bit of trouble. Is photography an art-form? Is color photography an art-form? And now, can phone-photography be an art-form? Eventually, it'll all settle and we'll see how silly this argument is to begin with. I say, keep slapping those filters on until your heart's content, and who knows? You could discover a passion for photography or other art forms that way. And lastly, despite your admiration for someone's work, don't let their criticism hinder what you do.



  1. Interesting thought! there is a word for people who are afraid to adapt to newer technologies. I believe the word is "Luddite". Perhaps this fellow you speak of is a Luddite. lol
    Anyway, great post!

    1. Aw, thanks! And yeah, it's possible he is a Luddite. I know he was also reluctant to use digital. I find that fascinating :)