collaborate and listen


I went through all of my posts for this year and I can't believe I have neglected to mention the project I'm collaborating on with another photographer. She's a self-taught photographer from Naples, Italy. I finished up our first set and sent it out last Tuesday. She got back to me Wednesday with a more complete set of photographs of hers. She made a comment that resonated and was very true,"have you realize that we have developed all this without even look at each other?" Obviously, I know that's what we were doing, but I understand the sense of wonder in that sentence. Over 4000 miles between us, and yet through simple email exchanges and our blogs, we learned enough about each other to collaborate and create a comprehensive set. That's a pretty major feat.

Right now, we're working on putting together a blog to document this collaboration. It's hosted through Tumblr for the simple fact that we both have accounts so a joint blog will be easier that way. Tumblr also provides decent exposure for photographers. Actually, I've discovered a lot of young freelancers whose work blows me away via Tumblr. I will share the link once everything is put together and complete, but here are bits of our project. Our theme is the ideal day- what would that entail?

Ideally, I liked to always remember to take my medicine :X
The rest of these photos will be Chiara's:

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