creative block

larger triptych

I hate creative blocks. I can't seem to shake this one that started a couple of weeks ago. It's a good sign, though, that I get lost in thought staring at the sunlight or the clouds, figuring out how to capture them, what sort of framing and settings I would need. That is a good thing. Reading Joan Didion is also giving me a bit of a creative kick. I'm seriously desperate to get inspiration from anything so I'm looking at EVERYTHING to inspire me. I forget how much I enjoy creating diptychs and triptychs until I'm playing around in photoshop and create one. Currently, I'm having fun playing with images I've shot previously, but I'd like to make themed diptychs/triptychs. I've got the day off tomorrow to experiment with an idea I have. I seriously hope that I break through this block soon. It seems that relaxing and not panicking about it seems to be helping. Why freak out about what you can't control?

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