no hard feelings, facebook


I've been thinking a lot about this, and I think the time has come to terminate my Facebook photography page. I honestly don't see the point in it anymore. When I first began blogging and spreading my work out into the inter-webs, I thought I had to have a hand in everything, including a Facebook page to promote my photography. I have half-assed all social media outlets because I didn't whole ass it into this blog. And yes, I'm referring to the Ron Swanson quote: "Don't half-ass two things; whole-ass one thing."

I was going through my Instagram and feel as though lately, my feed has been garbage. I guess I feel obligated to post and half-ass it. If you want to really see my those portable shots that have thought behind them, you can look at my photodiary tumblr tag. I'm just done spreading myself across several platforms for no freakin' reason. I follow a fellow photographer on tumblr who has three separate tumblogs for three different cameras: his main is for his DSLR/portfolio-ish photographs, the second is all iphone photos, and the THIRD is for his ILC. I thought,"Damn, dude, trim it down." I realized, I was doing something similar. I'm whole-assing it into this blog lately. I'm also whole-assing my portfolio website to debut it in June. Yep, June. Keep an eye out for that. Basically, it boils down to I hate my Facebook page, I'm even contemplating leaving my personal Facebook page behind.

Look at these other outlets for my photography and just me:
Tumblr | Photodiary | Twitter | 365 Project

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  1. I agree with you . I have been wanting to part ways with my Facebook page seems forever. One of the only reasons I stay is because I have family from another country and that is basically my only form of communication , given that no one uses there phones to call anymore. I love your blog keep up the dope work.