looking ahead


Majorly bummed out by the news I got today. Our car, the car that my mom and I have been sharing for the last eight years, is kaput. Betsy, you were a great car. I learned how to navigate the snow in you. I've had amazing conversations and memories and epic cries in that car. I've have major frustrations, as well- flat tires, repeatedly dying headlight bulbs. I'm seriously going to miss that car. If that car could talk, so many things would spill out. I'm devastated. It's a material possession, I understand, and it's something that not everyone is privileged to have, but the majority of my driving from 17 to yesterday was that bitch that got me through a lot. Driving around to clear my head, blasting music, offering rides to those without a vehicle.

I'm also very grateful my mom let me basically command that vehicle. I've never expressed that gratitude enough, but without you letting me grow with Betsy, I'd never have all of the memories I have with her. I wouldn't have been able to be your taxi driver ;) *sigh* it's just a car, but I'm looking forward to sharing a new one. Learning a new car is fun. MMM, and that new car smell!

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  1. That sucks! But a new car will be an opportunity to create new memories in ;)