longest winter ever


This photograph is from two years ago when I was in California around this time of year. It was nice and warm. I could wear shorts. It was great! I wish that I could say the same thing about the weather here, but it is warming up. It's been in the 30s and 40s the past few days, which is nice. Tonight it has dropped, but I want this warmness to stay and to possibly become warmer.

I haven't shot a whole lot of new things. Once again, the weather has been a factor, but that will turn around. For now, I've been scouring my archives for hidden gems to edit with Lightroom. I haven't gotten tired of learning its ins and outs. I also treated myself to the amazing book of Vivian Maier self-portraits. I'm not sure if I've brought up Vivian Maier before, but her story is amazing.I'm not sure if I shared this story, but her photographs went largely undeveloped until collector John Maloof came across them during an estate sale of some sort. He developed them and discovered an unknown street photographer. Actually a nanny, Vivian traveled around the world, but most of her photographs are set in Chicago. It's just a very interesting story of such a great photographer.

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