coffee, anyone?


Ran out of coffee Saturday morning so before work yesterday, Matt and I picked up some coffees, as well as a pound to replenish our home stock. Coffee is the perfect way to begin the day, in my opinion. It's been part of my morning routine forever. I drink my coffee slowly so I'm grateful for mornings off when I can sit around with one large cup for a long time.

Work has been one giant blur. Groundhogs day. I've barely had time to bring out my camera. I'm actually shooting another roll of film from the grab bag I got for my birthday. It's Fujifilm Superia 400. I'm looking into online processing for film so if anybody knows of a website. I've got a couple that I'm thinking of, but one is in Europe and I'm afraid my film will get lost in transit. I'm seriously paranoid about my film. I once had a roll destroyed from when I travelled out west to Seattle. It was very sad. The local place I went to closed down. Such is my luck when it comes to film. First, it was the place where I used to purchase Ilford HP5 when I was in high school, and now the place where I'd get my film processed. Sad. Hopefully, one day, I'll be able to put the darkroom equipment I've been hoarding to good use.



  1. I've processed my films at Walmart. cheap . As for now I am at school doing it . Check it out . It's scary though to send out film even if it says fragile. Good Luck though.

    1. For 35mm, I've been using walgreens because I have a co-worker that can do it there for me. But I also have 120 film that not many commercial places can tackle :/ boo!