mental notes


I've been thinking a lot lately about the social media that I use and why I use it. I am _ that close to deleting Facebook. I thought today,"Why do I use twitter? I don't really do much with it." I don't. I ramble a ton. My tweets are very stream of consciousness, as well as just quotes from movies I tend to live-tweet repeatedly (Knocked Up, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and Royal Tenenbaums, to name a few). I used to use twitter to post about my blog, but that seemed a bit boring. I think twitter is more suited for celebrities and the few who manage to convey their wit in 140 characters or less. Comedians, of course. I don't think boring ol' me belongs on there, I guess. I don't really care if people follow or not. It's more so a matter of do I care enough to continue posting? My posts are sporadic or have quite a bit of funny retweets, but no substance of my own, at least in my opinion. Pinterest is weird. No one take any offense, but I kind of just want to unfollow a bunch of people. Not anyone in particular that would read (if anyone does) this blog here, but just a lot of following for the sake of following people. I was researching something in particular the other day, too, and no one really posts original pins. It's all the same thing, over and over again. I got frustrated and began my own searching. My pins mostly come from blogs I've encountered first-hand and not too much re-pinning, except maybe from others who have sought their own inspirations, too.
I guess I'm just trying to condense my presence to maybe a few things. I could also just not do anything at all, but these are just things that have been rolling around in my brain today. I check my social media folder on my phone almost everyday, but why? There's never anything new, I never want to really contribute. They are just things taking up space and I may one day, finally, cut it all out. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Right on! . I think that the only thing that drives me to Pinterest , is the crafts and tutorials. Facebook is over rated . Twitter , I still dig it. love your post by the way!

    1. Glad to see someone is reading :) Thank you!
      Yeah, sometimes I find good crafty things on Pinterest, but I generally kind of use it for my inspiration board, I suppose, and just seek out things I'm drawn to at the moment.