great things ahead


I used my post title in a tumblr post last night. I spent my day designing and putting together a real portfolio site. I'm using Virb, which makes it really easy for me to connect my tumblr and Flickr. I don't have to think too much about coding or anything. I'm currently scouring my old photographs for series that I can post of my absolute best work. The photograph above is actually from my trip out west back in 2008, as I took the ferry in from Bremerton, WA to Seattle. I've recently loaded those on my computer, I'm sure I've mentioned that. If I haven't, whoops! It's always fun to go over old photographs to see new gems that you never noticed before when your photographic eye was less developed. I can see growth in the way I see things and the way I shoot. These are all good things. So I'm just trying to keep on this to shave down my work to the best of the best, acquire a domain, and VOILA. Site that I can finally put on a business card since I've been meaning to get new ones printed. To quote Almost Famous: IT'S ALL HAPPENING.
Speaking of Almost Famous, such sad new plagued my day yesterday with the passing of Philip Seymour Hoffman. It saddens me when people succumb to their demons. In case you don't remember, PSH played Lester Bangs in the movie. So many roles. I always root for people to overcome their vices, I genuinely do. Sometimes, the pain can just be too great that the only way to cope is through numbing. (sigh) I sure brought this post down. I'm sorry.
Is there anyone else working on anything fun out there? New years projects that are going well? Could use improvement? I'd like to hear what folks are doing. If there's anybody out there. HELLO? ARE YOU THERE? ARE YOU BREATHING? Send me a signal.

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