been there


Yesterday, I thought I would go and grab a cup of coffee before I picked up Matt. On Saturday when we stopped for coffee after dinner, the wait for an espresso drink was 20 minutes. I didn't need a vanilla breve that badly, so I just got a drip and called it a day, but dammit, I still needed my weekly breve fix. So yesterday: I miraculously find parking right in front of Colectivo, unplugged my charging phone, put away the charger, put my phone in my pocket, got out of the car, closed the door, realized what I did and I'm like,"FUUUUUUCK." If you didn't figure it out, I missed a step. I didn't turn off the damn car. Or take my keys. I had the window cracked, but my hands aren't that tiny. Luckily, we had someone over at the house so I called my mom so they could bring the spare. When I called my mom, a girl walking by overheard and comments,"Been there before." Yep, we've all been there.

I have previously locked my keys in the car, last time was at least five years ago. I had to drag my brother out of work to bring me a spare about twenty minutes away from home in another town. The very first time, I was 17. It was one of the first times I was allowed to drive on my own and I felt so stupid. Thank goodness my cousin was at his girlfriend's house and he had a spare. My friend and I just had to walk two blocks to get it in the freezing cold, but better than not being rescued at all or having to pay $50 for a locksmith.

It sucked, yeah, but I wasn't panicked, not super embarrassed, just peeved at myself. I took advantage of the GOLDEN HOUR and took some pictures as the sun was going down. Silver lining? Sure.

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