books books books!

I decided to up the ante on my book challenge this year. I wanted to finish 50 last year, although my official goal was 35. I crushed that. I managed to read 40 books last year. That's not bad. I know a woman who did just over 200 last year. That takes dedication! That's at least two a week! I just finished reading Factotum by Charles Bukowski. That was interesting. I like reading books in different genres. Sometimes I want to read fiction, other times I'm in the mood for essays, maybe a biography.
The ladies over at A Beautiful Mess started a book club. Oddly enough, I've already read the first book. I really like Meg Wolitzer and am glad to have discovered her in 2013 because of The Interestings. There are a few authors I'm grateful to have started reading in 2013. Two others are Alice Munro and George Saunders. Both are thanks to Matt. He actually did an entire write-up of his books of 2013. He had very interesting book tastes as well. At the moment, he's really into reading presidential biographies. He doesn't understand where this has come from, but he's decided he'll probably read one biography a month. That's a good way to tackle them all eventually.

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