365 reflection


I realize I should have posted this on the first, but I worked that day and definitely did not have the energy to give this kind of post any thought. One year ago, I stressed a lot about shooting everyday. My execution in my 365 project was only because I allowed myself to be flexible and reasonable. There would be days I would not want to shoot. I had to figure out a way around those little snags that arose in order to complete my goal. In those three hundred sixty five days, I shot way more than 365 photographs. In my file labeled 365 Project 2013, I have 1300+ photographs. This does not include other projects that I did not file there that did in fact take place in 2013. In total, I'd say I shot just under 10,000 photographs. That's amazing to me. I looked back on my tumblr to its humble beginnings. I very rarely shot anything new, I always edited old photographs. I frowned at my past self. I can't believe it took me four years to really wake up and finish something. Try new things, grow, and always keep learning. Practice, practice, practice. Trial and error is a great way to learn. Just keep shooting.

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