looking forward


This is my last post of 2013. That is weird to think. This year just flew by, but it was a great year. I'm not going to do a whole recap. You can check out my instagram for that recap, but that's it. I'm excited to start a new year, a new 365 project. I've been looking into possibly acquiring a Nikon D7100. I'd love one. We'll see. Maybe that will be a goal of mine for 2014. Today, I acquired a photo printer. It's so pretty and works wonderfully. I've already printed a few photographs so get ready for some prints that I've promised to a few folks.
I enjoyed a fun day with my mom and Matt. We went shopping for a few items and I ended up buying the printer. My mom says I'm like a kid with a new toy. I've been wanting a good printer for a while! Just for photos! All mine! Hooray! Merry Christmas to me! I hope everyone has a safe, yet fun New Years Eve. I don't do anything except go to the movies. Finally seeing The Hobbit!

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