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That 2003 teen drama from fox, aka The OC, has come up quite a bit this past month or so. My title comes from the fact that Ryan's goofy sidekick, Seth Cohen, lacked confidence. One thing said a lot was,"Confidence, Cohen." I can't believe that show started ten years ago. It's so bizarre to me. This post isn't about The OC and my love for it, but about confidence itself. I'm nearing the end of my first 365. I'm super proud of myself for being consistent with it. I didn't do it the traditional way, which is to post a photo everyday, shoot everyday, etc. With my work schedule and crazy other things going on, there's no way I could shoot everyday. I made it more of a 365 photographs I've taken throughout the year. Taking that approach allowed me to be more flexible and not stress when there were a few days that I hadn't shot or posted.
Overall, though, I've taken 1200+ photographs throughout the year. That number doesn't include the 3000+ I've done for projects with others and/or events. The actual number is a lot higher. Numbers don't mean anything, though, if you haven't learned anything over the course of that year. I've gained a lot of confidence in exploring my neighborhood, my city, and my camera. Hell, even exploring other cities (CHICAGO- Laura, where you at?!). I went from program mode in the beginning, which is practically auto mode with the ability to adjust a few settings. Then, I shot in aperture priority, which allows you to set the aperture to what you want and allow the camera to set the shutter speed, ISO, etc. Now, I'm shooting manual and it's the best. It can get a little frustrating at times, but it's all about the learning in the process. Of course there will be times I get frustrated, but to shoot manually gives me complete creative control over what I'm doing. I'm going mad with the power over here.


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  1. Good for you! I remember doing 365 back in the days when I still used Flickr and I think I learned more from them then a lot of the stuff I was actually paid to shoot. It give you those opportunities to learn all those pesky manual controls that take a while to get used to, but like you said, it really is the best:)