Sometimes, I don't really know what to write here during the dull moments of my life. Elizabeth of Delightfully Tacky recently did a post about that. With more of an audience, the pressure for her is greater, I'm sure. My blog doesn't revolve around what I wear, like hers does, so I have a bit more flexibility with my content. To fill these moments of dully daily stuff (went to work, came home, ate leftovers, binge watch Gossip Girl, blah, blah, blah), I'll update on occasion with a "currently" post to stay up to date.

listen: Reflektor! Oh, man, this album is amazing. I have taking in everything Arcade Fire lately. Not a bad thing, but this new album is refreshing and exciting. Matt pre-ordered it on vinyl, which is perfect because I usually only have time to listen to one side. I'll probably do a more in depth Arcade Fire post, but this album is just what the doctor ordered.
read: I am very into reading JM Barrie's Peter Pan. It's quick, easy, and a very fun read. In my head, I keep imagining the movie Hook, but that's because I wasn't as obsessed with the animated Peter Pan as I was obsessed with Hook.
watch: Gossip Girl binge-watching on Netflix. I stopped watching it when I aired just before season 4 ended. I'm now on episodes I've never seen and I can honestly say that I completely understand why it got cancelled. Started out strong, but I feel like it's the same story lines of blackmail and backstabbing. That doesn't mean I'm not enjoying it, but I wish it was better.
eat & drink: I want to make my own chili. My mom ended up making some last night, but I have never made chili, mostly because I hate beans. However, I can substitute beans for vegetables I enjoy and delight in the magical comfort of warm food in my belly. I've been drinking a lot of tea, too, lately. At work we've got a really delicious Pumpkin Spice tea by Harney & Sons that I make into a tea latte.

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