photographic intent


I've been thinking about this post a lot since I talked to my co-worker, Erin, who is also a photographer. I'd recently heard some not-so-nice things about my photography. "I could take a picture of a coffee cup. It's nothing special, etc, etc." Erin and I agreed we hate when people say that because they don't know the thought process that goes behind that shot. And I do take a lot of pictures of my surroundings. A few posts ago, I mentioned how my blog was a way for me to stay connected with my friend, Laura, who doesn't live here anymore. My photography is also a way for me to deal with my depression. Yep, I utilize it as a coping mechanism.
If I'm feeling down, the weight of my camera in my hands usually can snap me out of a funk. Rather than focusing on the feelings of worthlessness that always come out of nowhere, I grab my camera and focus on the light, the shadows, the bokeh of a photograph. I needed to get that out. I'm tired of being bashed for something that I am passionate about, especially by people who know nothing about me, nor do they even try. That's okay, though, because I don't think I want anyone to know more about me if they make such harsh and unnecessary judgments without knowing me.
I think this experience has taught me how much I have grown. That sort of remark years ago probably would have broken me, but like Jay Z said,"You gotta get that dirt off your shoulder." Brush it off, move along. Learn, grow, do more, be better. There will always be critics out there, but as long as you remain true to yourself, you will succeed.

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