birthday countdown


I've been very reflective lately. My birthday is in two days. I've been making plans and everyone keeps asking me,"Are you going to have a quarter life crisis?" I have generalized anxiety disorder- when am I not having some sort of crisis? All joking aside, though, I highly doubt that when the clock strikes twelve midnight tomorrow, I'm just going to freak out. I have, however, become more aware of the amazing people in my life who always have my back. Since Matt doesn't drive, I asked Alex to be our designated driver. Since he's agreed, Catey and I are gonna go HAM! I probably won't be super crazy, but I won't have to worry about getting home. Matt and I are going to get Stack'd burgers for dinner. Sunday, Matt and I will likely go for brunch and have an easy day off. On Monday, I've got lunch with my dad, a trip up to Holy Hill planned, and then, I get to meet Junot Diaz!!
Matt's disappointed that my presents won't arrive in time for my birthday, but meeting Junot Diaz and having a relaxing weekend with people I love is already a great present for me. Those tangible items are just a bonus. And in the spirit of my birthday, I plan on treating myself to something (treat yo'self!). I'm probably going to finally bite the bullet and buy a nice photo printer. Since that will more than likely be my present, I'll be sending out prints to Vanessa ASAP. She's a sweet gal who has waited patiently for me to send her prints. Her blog is as sweet as she is so check her out.
I'll be getting my film developed soon and will hopefully take a butt ton of photos throughout the weekend. I'm counting down the hours until Saturday night...


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  1. I hope you had a happy birthday Elis! I'm so happy our blog paths crossed :]