get fit!


I was inspired by an old co-worker (if you read this, yeah, it's YOU, AP!). She has been sticking to her workouts and diet changes and looks AMAZING. Not that she wasn't a beautiful person before, but if you're not happy without how you look, change it. I've been feeling like a shlub lately. Aside from trying to maintain a consistent yoga routine, I haven't been keeping track of what I eat. I usually tell people I'm on a "see"-food diet- I see food and then I eat it. That always cracks me up, but it's true. I don't deprive myself. If I do, I end up binging and that is not a good feeling. I got a new app called My Fitness Pal and it's great to keep track of what I eat. It's pretty cool and although yesterday was my first day using it, I can see how it will benefit me in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Since I'll be tracking what I eat, I'll be less inclined to just eat a Pop Tart and then a Hot Pocket later in the day. To have to look back on that would be embarrassing. So here's to new beginnings and bettering yourself for yourself. The only way you'll succeed if you are truly committed. I'm ready to commit. Bring it on, healthy lifestyle.
Side note: the salad pictured above is topped with grilled chicken, the recommended serving size of shredded cheese (although normally, it'd be twice that), and two hard boiled eggs. It was so tasty and filling. I'm not a dressing fan so a lack of dressing is a-okay with me. Now I just need some sunflower seeds. Ahh, so good in salads!

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