yoga from a beginner's standpoint


I've been trying to incorporate yoga into my daily routine. Don't tell Matt, but I distracted him from yoga with coffee this morning. I'm sure the coffee would've been amazing after the yoga, but I can always do it later. He just won't get to do it since he'll be at work. Last week, I did yoga fairly consistently in the mornings. It really relaxes you and it actually helped boost my creativity. I kid you not! I had so many ideas, I didn't want to lose them so I immediately wrote all of them down and committed to things so I wouldn't back out later. In fact, I have a photo shoot this afternoon. I've been writing a lot more, as well as reading. If I'm being too pokey with my little reviews, you can always keep track of what I'm reading with my Goodreads. Aside from yoga being very relaxing, it also really energized me. I'm sure I concerned some of my co-workers with how peppy I was last week. Blame the yoga! In a conversation yesterday, it was brought up that a lot of us at my job do yoga. There's a good reason!