the world's end


Matt and I saw The World's End Saturday night. Fox Bay is a pretty neat theater. I've seen Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix there, and Matt and I saw Dark Knight Rises for a second time there. We're not obsessed with Batman, hehehe. You can order food and booze, if you so choose. It's also got some really cool memorabilia from eras past. You can see more here as part of my 365 project. The movie was awesome. I want to see it again. It's situated in a very Main Street-esque area that always has beautiful lights around Christmas and some neat little shops. There's a nearby street that I always accidentally take that makes me feel like I'm in Stars Hollow. It's an area that I rarely visit, but it's always a treat.
Saturday night was the first time I brought out my camera since the event. I'd carried my baby around, waiting for inspiration to strike, but I guess I was just burned out from the continuous shooting that my photographer's eye was malfunction, or just exhausted. I'm still working on editing photographs from Stephanie's shoot, as well as one's from the event (over 3000!). I'm doing my coworker's wedding next year. I am so excited because it's gonna be cosplay all the way! I honestly don't know what to dress up as. I'm thinking No Face from Spirited Away. I also got the suggestion to be April O'Neill from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Does anybody else have ideas? Anything from Anime, Sci Fi/Fantasy, and comic book realms. I've got an entire year to figure this out. HELP!


  1. Neat theater.I wish there were many more of those around and less of these over the top gigantic movie theaters. Old school ones are more appealing. as for a cosplay idea:

    Do you like IVY or Wonder Women? or the girl from AVATAR :D

    1. Wonder Woman sounds good. I was also thinking of Storm from X-Men. Who is this IVY? Poison Ivy or Soul Caliber Ivy? Or some other Ivy that google was unable to help me locate?