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These cookies (chocolate toffee) are my specialty. Matt wanted to bake the other night, but was so absorbed in his iphone game that I ended up making the cookies my damn self. Also, he broke a silicone spatula. How the eff did he do it? I don't really know. I always have to remind him that a delicate hand is required for baking, but he can get a little bit rambunctious and broke the tip off of it. I've broken the handle of a spatula before, but never the top part. Just oy. I took over, with a wooden spoon. My brother came over to look at some video that I shot. There was miscommunication and I got really upset, yet continued to make my cookies although I was crying. The entire time, I'm thinking,"Please don't let my mood influence how these taste, please please please." I'm a firm believer in your mood effecting the way your food tastes. Let me 'splain:
One time, I made tacos, but I really didn't want to. I wasn't in the mood to cook and my mom basically forced me to do them. Those tacos I did not enjoy. It wasn't cooked with care- it was done grumpily and with an attitude of just needing to get it done. In turn, my food turned out crappily. Luckily, the cookies were put together when I was in a lighter, happier mood. I put them in the oven upset. They turned out spectacularly. Both Matt and my eldest brother couldn't stop eating them. The recipe yields approximately 60 cookies. I now have just enough to give to my pal, Brian. I guess they were good.
Seriously, though, when you cook or bake, do it with love and care. Sure, the ingredients and cooking/baking time factor into how your food is going to taste, but so does your mood. Shitty mood? Fuck it. Just order take out. It'd be better than whatever porquería you slap together.

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  1. Elis! I completely share this belief! It's something my mom and my Nana always taught me, and I think reading Like Water for Chocolate drove the point home even more. I'm always careful to not cook angry or sad. It's nice to know I'm not the only one!

    Also, Matt broke the spatula?! Man of Steel!!