and another thing

I never explained what I gave to Matt for our one year anniversary. I hinted in a previous post that it was something super secret. Like I was saying, I like to make things to make them personal. I'm doing the same with his birthday present, which is six days away. Will I finish that in time? Goodness, I hope so! Anyways, back to what I made. So I created a scrapbook by hand utilizing this tutorial from Design Love Fest. It was tricky, but worth it. I then filled it with significant moments throughout the year, as well as some goofy shots and anecdotes. He loved it, but since I didn't just want to make him something, I also bought him an Arya Stark POP vinyl figure, as well as Gonzo from the Muppets because that is his spirit animal. I was very excited to have accomplished that in the small amount of time I could work on it. He enjoyed it, I'm happy he enjoyed. Win-win-win-win-win.


  1. This is such a cute gift idea! I love the zine-like feel of it. And congratulations on your year anniversary!

    1. D'aww thanks. I don't feel like it's been a year. Time flies when you're having fun ;)