favorites of the shins

As promised, I have compiled my favorite Shins songs. The below picture was the best I could do with just my cell phone. The security guard kindly told me that my DSLR that I carry around with me everywhere had to be taken back to the car because they didn't allow them in the venue. No big. I enjoyed the show nonetheless, despite sweating out ten pounds of Mexican food we'd consumed before the show. It was a rather hot day, plus all of the people in the venue created nothing but sweat. I'm sure you all wanted to hear that. Anyhow, they were playing KNOW YOUR ONION! during the photo and it's definitely in my top three Shins favorites. I also included a cover of KNOW YOUR ONION! by Of Montreal because it's got the Of Montreal vibe, but it still sounds like the original. One of the few covers I enjoy, therefore, I hope you readers enjoy!

The Shins Favorites by Elis on Grooveshark

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