RAW file swap

I have been following the photography of Ken Kornacki for several months. He opened up this idea to his blog followers to swap RAW image files to see how differently we render our photographs. Ken's aesthetic seems to be high contrast with very dark blacks for his images. I like the dreamy, film-effect of an edit. This was a really fun project and on his blog, you can still see what other RAW files are coming in, as well as the amazing photographs that Ken takes all over Milwaukee. Did I neglect to mention that before? Ken is reppin' Milwaukee with his amazing work. Keep up the photos, Ken!

The top set is a photograph I took when I was in Chicago in March. The second set is a photograph that Ken shot. My edits are on the left, his are on the right. Like I said, it was great fun to see how different we edit our photographs. It's also interesting to see how other people are editing their swaps. I would like to do another one simply because I like the difference between the photos. Maybe when I'm in Chicago this weekend I can shoot something to swap again.

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