here, there, and everywhere


I know that it seems like I disappear for a while and come back. While I try to remind myself,"This is my blog. I can post as frequently and infrequently as I want." I hope there are people out there that read and would be disappointed if I suddenly went POOF!- disappeared. Well, I at least know Sam gets concerned when I don't post ;) If you ever click around and are like,"Where'd this bitch go?" I'm usually still posting in other places. I'm kind of embarrassed to list all of my blogs/blogging platforms, but it's how I stay busy and motivated to take different photographs so I can post in different forums and reach new/different audiences. If ever I'm absent without explanation from here, these are the places I can usually be found, in order of frequency of posts:

INSTAGRAM.COM/LIGHTREAD: I post a lot of random things that I encounter throughout the day on my instagram. If my posts have been inactive, just look in the left-hand sidebar where my IG updates whenever I post something new. Convenient and on-the-go.
SLIGHTLYOUTOF.BLOGSPOT.COM: Frequently mentioned in the past month, I have been documenting my 365 photography project mainly on this blog. I also post random experiments with filters/editing here as well. All photography and none of my random/awkward ramblings. No commenting, though. I wanted it strictly to be able my work/experiments so I can see the growth and change in my work.
CONTAXTWO.TUMBLR.COM: This is a combination of this blog (you know, the one you're reading right now) and the slighly out of focus blog, but once again, for the most part, without my random/awkward rambles. It allows those with tumblr to follow what I do, as well as be able to access my other blogs with source linking.
MYCORNERSTORAGE.TUMBLR.COM: This has become an extension of my instagram, except I try not to repeat IG photos on here. It is my traveling photodiary, as well as a place where I post photographs from photographers I thoroughly enjoy.
PANTSLESS-SHOSH.TUMBLR.COM:This is where I post other art that I find inspiring, as well as random things I find on the internet. It's mostly reblogs of other people's things. Less original content than the aforementioned blogs. Oh, and the name? GIRLS reference. If ya don't watch GIRLS, ya won't get it.
INCOMPLETEARTSEDUCATION.TUMBLR.COM: In no way do I think I am talented when it comes to drawing things. I'm trying to be better and more confident with my drawings so this is where I keep all of the random doodles I create.

Well, there you have it. I don't even want to count how many those are, but it's quite a bit. Plus, I work full-time, read a fuck-ton of books, and knit when I've got the time. Yeah, I'm a pretty busy gal.

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