Hazel Moon

I have been very focused on getting to meet this beautiful little girl! I was very sad that she scheduled her arrival for when I was in Chicago so I was unable to greet her at the hospital. Yesterday, Erika, Matt, Stephanie (+her gentleman caller), and I got to meet Hazel! Mary's girl looks a lot like her, in my opinion. She was a little bit cranky, but she's just a week old! It happens. She calmed down a bit towards the end of our visit, which is when I got a lot of these. She looks so much like her mama! It's adorable.
I've been lagging behind on my Fitzgerald month. Matt has had that happen with his themed months (David Foster Wallace, currently: biography month). I'm getting burned out I think. However, I am really enjoying The Beautiful and Damned. This Side of Paradise wasn't my favorite, that's for sure. Matt and I went book shopping yesterday. Five each, not bad, but I have to get this Annie Leibovitz 1970-1990 book. I own 1990-2005. Ahhh! I'm also reading Khaled Hosseini's And the Mountains Echoed. It's a really nice change from the Fitzgerald, hehe. We all went to see Fast & Furious 6 after meeting Hazel. That was amazing. I haven't watched any of those movies since 2Fast 2Furious came out. I forgot how much I love them for what they are. At one point, Matt was like,"Paul Walker is acting. He's acting." A really good action movie, for sure. This week, we don't have a movie to see in theaters. We've been keeping up. At home, we're watching Gilmore Girls and Arrested Development. We're not binge watching. We're savoring each episode and only watching a few at a time. Stephanie asked how we can do it and it's because we know there won't be more until a movie. Make them last!

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