a quick update

I'm sure I have mentioned how much I enjoy the blog A Beautiful Mess. I have been waiting for an entire week for their app to come out and it's always fun to play with new apps and mix them up with different apps and media as well. I'll share with you what I have come up with within my first day of using the app. These ladies are very inspiring, starting from scratch with their store, their website, and everything. It's the number one app in the store right now. I'm sure they're very proud. Today was nice and warm. Matt and I went to the mall to have lunch and so he could purchase more work shirts. I'm deep into my F Scott Fitzgerald reading month. I've already seen The Great Gatsby and I enjoyed it immensely. Matt and I agree that Tobey Maguire was one of the best things about the movie. I'm really sad that I lost my ticket stub and Matt already discarded his. Blurgh. Woe is me. I will have a ton of other ticket stubs within the next two months. I've made a list and we'll be seeing about ten movies by mid-June. It'll be fun!

If you haven't visited my blog in a while, click here to check out the new design updates. I'm trying to go for a simpler look. I'll be back with more books and more photographs. I promise

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