bright eyes, not quite bushy-tailed

After my last post, I was going through Tumblr and my dear friend, Annie, had this post linked. It's Top 10 Bright Eyes songs according to Stereogum. I was immediately transported back to sophomore year of high school, when I was Bright Eyes and Conor Oberst obsessed. Full of teen angst, I'd play the album Lifted, or the Story Is in the Soil so Keep Your Ear to the Ground and Radiohead's OKCOMPUTER back to back. Bright Eyes even came to the Pabst my sophomore year. When I originally asked for permission to go (oh, back in those days), I was told I couldn't go because it was on a school night (hahah!). I cried the entire next day. In the end, I got to go. I came away with a Bright Eyes t-shirt (wore it too much, got holes and stains so that thing is gone) and a Bright Eyes hoodie (still got that one!).When I saw the list, I had to post my own list. I went into my iTunes, found my playlist titled "Bright Eyes Favorites" and started working on this post. Matt helped me a little bit, too, because the song "When The President Talks to God" wasn't originally on my list, but I do remember coming home from that concert and downloading it because he played it. At that show, I also was introduced to Tilly & The Wall. When I started running my junior year, "The Calendar Hung Itself..." was my running song. Bright Eyes means a bunch to me. It reminds me of a time in my life when the most tragic thing to me was not being able to see Bright Eyes in concert. Oh, and I'd just started taking photography I & II so I'd listen to Bright Eyes while making prints. Enjoy some of my favorite Bright Eyes songs!

Bright Eyes Favorites by Elis on Grooveshark

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  1. So glad those days of having to ask permission to go to shows are over! Awesome playlist :]