on the shelf: runaway

Runaway by Alice Munro
ISBN-13: 9781400077915

Synopsis: "The incomparable Alice Munro’s bestselling and rapturously acclaimed Runaway is a book of extraordinary stories about love and its infinite betrayals and surprises, from the title story about a young woman who, though she thinks she wants to, is incapable of leaving her husband, to three stories about a woman named Juliet and the emotions that complicate the luster of her intimate relationships. In Munro’s hands, the people she writes about–women of all ages and circumstances, and their friends, lovers, parents, and children–become as vivid as our own neighbors. It is her miraculous gift to make these stories as real and unforgettable as our own."
Review: This is another great collection of stories by Alice Munro. There are three stories within this collection that are related. It puts you through the ringer. She is able to weave threads through life, friendship, love, and death. In one fell swoop, she slashes them, leaving this reader thinking about what I read long after I read it. I'd read before bedtime and would lie awake for a while, thinking about how much Alice totally messed with my head.
I wish I could write a much better review of this book, but I read it a few months ago. At this point, I don't think I am doing this book any justice with this review. I can honestly say that it took a lot longer to finish this than when I read Dear Life. I attribute that to the fact that these stories are longer and a little bit more involved than the quick glimpse-of-life type stories in Dear Life.
If someone was looking to get into Alice Munro, I would suggest the order in which I read them (Dear Life, then Runaway). Dear Life is like a sample of how amazing Munro is and Runaway allows you the delve deeper into her amazing words.

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