groups of threes


That up there is a glimpse into my craft bag. The other day, I cleaned up my room and rather than having all of my knitting things hanging out in random spots, I decided to utilize one of the many canvas totes that I own. I seem to always need to start new projects. For a while, I had two knitting projects going. The other night, I felt the need to change that and finally started my scarf, thus resulting in me working on three projects usually. I actually finished up this scarf last month for Brian to give to one of the homeless that he works with when he volunteers. He even called me the day he gave it to someone to tell me his story. It made the connection a little bit more personal. I've started using thinner knitting needles. The difference is immense. It feels weird for me to switch from working on my brother's scarf (thicker needles and yarn) to my latest giveaway scarf (thinner needles and yarn). I'm excited to also learn how to purl. That is the next thing on my knitting agenda.

top scarf is my brother's, the short purple one on the left is mine, and the one on the right is for Brian to give away

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  1. Those scarves look great! Once you have knitting down, purling is super easy. And when you can do both you can make textured stripes!