diy wall art

I bought two canvases, one for a very belated Valentine's Day present for Matt. The other was for me to experiment with something for my room.
I wanted a chevron pattern so I used masking tape. I mixed up a light robin's egg blue color and applied it to the entire canvas.

Once you remove the masking tape, it creates whatever pattern you taped down. You could also use painters tape. I used acrylic paint and then used my favorite quote from my favorite book. Either the pattern can be left alone or you could add a quote like I did. I did everything freehand so it's all my own handwriting. It's perfect for my little reading area and I look forward to adding more wall hangings to my room so the walls aren't so bare.

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  1. It's really a fun project, i want to do that, very nice patters and color also looking great, thanks for sharing these photographs of beautiful canvas wall art.

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