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A Beautiful Mess does a series called "At Home With" in which readers get a glimpse into the spaces of other creatives and bloggers. I mention A Beautiful Mess frequently. That's because these ladies inspire me constantly and I admire their success in blogging and soon, they'll conquer the book world. I cannot wait! Back to what this post is about: I recently switched up my bedroom a bit. There will be more added to my room someday soon because I desperately need frames for photographs on my walls! Once that happens, I'll have an update. I bought some things to help organize my room better. Photographed above, I purchased a couple of unfinished wood pieces such as the crates. The hinged box contains my makeup. I bought a flat square box to hold my pens. I rearranged my room, added a chair for a nice reading corner, and organized my bookshelf. Here it is:

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