all across the hours


I've been thinking a lot lately about how much my blog has changed. The names, the direction, the design, etc. I have an old blog in my account that's now private because it served as a journal in my high school days. I cringe whenever I read it. I started it my freshman year. It has the URL of a Thursday song and is titled after a Strokes song. I'm cringing now just thinking about the damn thing. Once I privatized that one, I created what this blog has developed into. At first, it was the 107 Blog, simply because I started it at 1:07AM. I am terrible at usernames and the like. When I wanted to be a "serious" blogger, I changed the name to "Some Orchids" or some BS like that. Keep the people guessing, right? Nah. It wasn't until I took Delightfully Tacky and Selective Potential's blogger e-course that I realized I didn't know what the hell I was doing with the names of my blog and with my blog in general. I seriously learned a lot.
Even after the e-course, I struggled to maintain a schedule, a niche, and posting regularly. I also really struggled with how honest I wanted to be with my blog considering co-workers and others that I know in real life read this. When I finally got over how honest I would be, I also just learned to go with the flow. I don't plan on making money with this blog, not that I think many of the people who have blogs that make money necessarily planned it. I think I'm finally content with my blog. Why should I care so much what others think of it? I realize that it doesn't really matter and I feel free with that realization.

The Hours by Beach House on Grooveshark
The song that inspired the title of this post.

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