two snowy chicago days


After a crazy snowy day yesterday, everything is all slushy and gross. We trekked through all of that to get to Glazed & Infused. I saw it over on A Beautiful Mess, where Elsie talks about a few places she visited on her recent trip to Chicago. Oh, was it delicious! We ate those donuts and tried each other's so fast that all that we have left is the complimentary one the girl gave us. Very pleasant, chill environment. A nice refuge from the wet and cold. It's starting to snow again, but we're determined to get to some shopping since Laura has to work the remaining days of the week so this is our chance to hang the whole day.
Don't forget to check in here for my catch-up to 365 while I'm here, as well as my instagram for more up-to-date snapshots. I'm being productive!

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